Logistics & Distribution

With hundreds of customers, an effective logistical system is essential to be able to produce and deliver orders in time. However, logistics is about more than just the transport of products from A to B. A logistical system is a combination of purchasing, planning, controlling, managing and transporting the flow of goods from the receipt of the order up to the delivery of the finished product: the supply chain.

The most important links in our supply chain are:

1 Purchasing and orders

All raw materials and packaging materials required for production need to be purchased from carefully selected suppliers. We agree on the price, quality and other conditions beforehand.

2 Internal goods flow and stock management

The purchased goods are stored in our own warehouse or processed immediately. The goods are inspected to make sure that the right amount and quality has been supplied in accordance with the purchase agreement.

Stock management is an important part of the logistical process. Stocks have to be kept as low as possible, while still being sufficient to produce all the scheduled orders in time. This requires close cooperation with and between all our suppliers.

3 Distribution

Distribution is the final step in the supply chain. The completed orders are sent to a temporary storage location as soon as they have been completed. The total order is combined and prepared for distribution.

Mobacc has the capacity to store completed orders for a period at a fixed price. We also regularly use external warehouses that, like Mobacc, are certified to store dangerous goods.

We use a reliable and effective information system for the management of all our logistical processes.