Belt spray A highly tacky belt coating for reducing slippage and eliminating irritating belt squeal. Belt spray can be used on all types of flat, vee belts and conveyor belts.

Battery cleaner Strong alkaline foam cleaner to neutralize acid residues on car batteries. To ensure complete cleaning and protection, the foam will turn pink in the presence of acid. After battery-acid has been neutralized, the foam will return to its normal light yellow.

Battery pole protector A colored grease for covering battery poles, battery latches, connections, etc. The product protects against corrosion, weather influences, battery acids and voltage reduction.

De-icer spray Removes ice and frost quickly and easily from windshields and mirrors. Prevents re-icing, is glare-free.

Motor start Ensures quick, reliable engine start in cold, moist circumstances. Makes the battery last longer and prevents premature wear of the starter.

Leak tracer foam A water based foam for finding leaks in gas and air systems. Leak finder is non-flammable, non-poisonous, non-corrosive and DVGW certified DIN EN 14291.