Protective coatings

A wide range of bitumen, resin and wax based coatings for protection of underbodies and cavities. Protective coatings are available in aerosols or 1 liter packages.

Bitumen based Underbody Coating Bitumen based underbody coatings for a tough, durable, protective bitumen layer that gives excellent corrosion and anti-gravel protection.
Bitumen based brush Underbody Coating Brushable bitumen coating designed for automobile underbodies to protect against gravel and corrosion.
Resin based Anti-gravel Coatings Tough elastic coatings based on synthetic resins and rubbers for long term gravel, sound damping and corrosion protection for aprons, sills, wheel arches, etc. Can be painted over with any kind of lacquer system; available in black, grey, white and structured versions.

Wax based Underbody Coating A bitumen-free wax coating that gives excellent corrosion protection compared to all other types of underbody coating. This wax coating is also an excellent corrosion preventive for long lasting protection of unpacked metal sheets (open-air storage, sea transport, etc.), lead work, piping and other metal containing parts.

Cavity waxes Brown and colorless wax based coatings for  protection of the inside of box panels, doors, light wells and other cavities in cars. These products provide excellent resistance to common road conditions, salt, moisture and corrosive atmospheres in general. Cavity waxes can also be used for rust protection of metal plates.

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