Foam Cleaners

Glass-window-screen cleaner Foaming glass cleaner based on water, solvents and surfactants to remove dirt, greasy finger marks and to give a sparkling finish to all windows and mirrors.  Glass-cleaner dries without streaks!

Anti-fog glass cleaner Foaming glass cleaner that leaves a non-visible film layer with anti-fog properties. For cleaning glass, windows, mirrors and tiles on which an anti-mist layer is required.

Multi-purpose foam cleaners Foam cleaners based on water, solvents and surfactants with a wide spectrum of applications and excellent cleaning action. Suitable for cleaning furniture, upholstery car parts inside and out. Multi-purpose foam is also a great cleaning agent for universal use at home and in the office.

Helm & visor cleaner Strong foam for cleaning motorbike helmets inside and out!

Aluminum-PVC cleaner Active, quickly degrading foam for rinsing off dirt particles, grease films and traces of surface oxidation. Due to the fast degradation of the foam, no foam residue is left in seams or crevices. Alu/PVC Cleaner can be applied on aluminum, PVC, chrome, plastic and enamel. The product is not aggressive to paint, does not contain silicones and has anti-static properties.

Rim/wheel cleaner A stable foaming product based on water, special solvents and strong surfactants. The foam was developed to dissolve oil, grime and dirt from wheel rims. The slowly degrading foam ensures the contamination is soaked.