Solvent Based Cleaners

Brake cleaner Powerful solvent cleaner with strong jet for use on brake discs, drums, pads, cylinders and calipers.

Electro cleaner A very effective cleaner for all electrical and electronic components such as micro-switches, connecting sockets, radio appliances, tape decks and other electronic devices. The product quickly dissolves deposits of resin, dirt, dust, etc.

Carburetor & fuel system cleaner A powerful solvent mixture for cleaning fuel system components. It efficiently removes contaminations such as carbon and grease deposits, resin, gum, oxidation, etc. on parts such as valves, actuators, EGR valves, injectors, idling motors, throttle valves, air mass meters, etc.

Tar & resin remover Solvent mixture specially formulated to remove bitumen, oil, grease and dirt from car parts and machinery.

Sticker and glue remover A mild solvent mixture for softening and removing the various sorts of glue residues used in the modern automobile industry. The product does not harm lacquer or plastic materials.

Engine cleaner The product quickly dissolves oil, grime and dirt and can be rinsed of with water. The cleaner can be used to clean the outside of any vehicle engine and parts, and even the garage floor.

PUR (Poly Urethane) cleaner Aerosol with special adapter that fits into PUR guns for removing uncured polyurethane.

NSF food grade cleaner Powerful solvent based on non-corrosive degreaser with NSF food approval. Leaves no residue.