Lubricant Oils

Mobacc has a wide range of lubricants for vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Mineral oil based Multi-purpose mineral oil based lubricant for a wide range of applications.

Synthetic oil based Multi-purpose synthetic oil based lubricant for a wide range of applications.

PTFE oils The unique combination  mineral oils and PTFE powder will form a very tough lubricating film on metal surfaces.

Drill & cutting oil Adhesive foaming oil that reduces wear and friction and increases the lifespan of metal drills and cutting knifes. The product has excellent EP/AW, oxidation and corrosion protective properties.

Derailleur and chain oil Special lubricant to be used on derailleurs and bicycle chains.

Adhesive High Pressure lube Highly adhesive lubricant oil based on mineral oils, additives and solvents to reduce wear and friction.

Synthetic oil food grade NSF H1, Lubricant Multi-purpose lubricant based completely on synthetic oils, synthetic grease and PTFE. Suitable for lubricating chains, hinges, cutting knives in food transport equipment, and sewing machines. Excellent lubrication properties, water resistant, corrosion protection, useful over a wide temperatures range. NSF H1, Lubricant with incidental food contact.

Multipurpose NSF A low viscosity mineral oil based lubricant for micro mechanisms. NSF H1, lubricant with incidental food contact for use in kitchens.