Lubricants Grease

A wide range of aerosol packed greases

Multi-purpose grease High quality grease based on calcium complex based grease, oils, additives and solvents. The product has good anti-corrosion, adhesive, moisture displacing and excellent penetrating properties and reduces wear and friction. Can be used for lubricating parts subject to high pressures, impacts and vibrations.

Adhesive multi-purpose grease Can be used for open mechanical systems to lubricate chains, open gears, worm screws, cables and to protect against water. It also provides excellent resistance against wear and withstands high pressure. This product is designed to resist centrifugal forces on high speed mechanisms.

White grease A white calcium complex based grease with PTFE for visible lubrication. White grease is a superior water and heat resistant lubricant for long term protection of bearings, axles, chains, hinges and all moving parts. This convenient non-drip grease has special anti-wear additives.

White ceramic chain grease Chain lubricant based on oils, grease, PTFE, ceramic additives and solvents. The product has good adhesive and moisture displacing properties. The penetrating power is excellent and reduces wear and friction.

Synthetic grease food grade NSF H1 Multi-purpose, fully synthetic grease for use in kitchen equipment and food industry where incidental food contact can take place. Suitable for lubricating chains, hinges, cutting knives in food transport equipment, and sewing machines. The unique composition makes the product resistant to water, steam, food acids and heat.

Open gear grease Highly tacky black bitumen based lubricant for open gear systems, worm screws, crown gears, sluice doors, chains and cables.